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Student workbooks

Student workbooks are a key factor in the development of students’ learning, and R.I.C. has been work-work-working to deliver resources that cater to all your needs. Covering English, mathematics and early childhood, there is something for every student, no matter their year level. A selection of our workbooks link directly back to the Australian Curriculum, making them easy to slot into your classroom. 

Our range of student workbook teaching resources mean that you no longer have to waste precious planning time trawling the internet or creating your own worksheets. Using workbooks is a winner in more ways than one: not only do students keep all their work in one place, but they also get to experience the pride and independence of being responsible for their own work. Click here to download the 2023-2024 R.I.C. Publications workbook catalogue.

Our workbook resource bank is a collection of the ultimate activities to enhance your lessons. They help fill in critical gaps to your yearly structure, provide comprehensive education material to the topics in focus for the year and aid you in areas of unfamiliarity. They can also become the primary practical tool to support your teaching.

Full of lesson plans, texts, activities, questions and assessments, it’s hard to put our educational workbooks into a box because they can aid just about any topic of any subject! Whether you need to boost students' English skills, grow their mental maths skills, provide easily referenceable science essentials, develop grammar, practice handwriting, help students find patterns and sequences, check their spelling, explain how to tell the time, or practise tracing and cutting—you’ll find the ideal workbook with R.I.C.

Educational workbooks are great for the classroom and helping students stay excited and motivated about school work. They’re designed to aid visual learning, while fun activities at the appropriate levels of challenge help them grow their skills.

Browse our collection of educational workbooks for any subject and subject matter you’re teaching this year to help your students love your lessons and progress efficiently!