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English Teacher

Spoken and written communication enable individuals to function in society and investigate, understand and build relationships. Through English, individuals develop the language and literacy skills of listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. Through the investigation of spoken, written and multimodal texts in different contexts, individuals develop an appreciation of language and literature.

English is a core aspect of education and is immersed in all learning areas. For this reason, R.I.C. Publications is committed to providing first-quality resources to support the needs of all students and teachers in this significant learning area.

The demands of teachers are immense. Individual teaching styles vary, but essential English skills remain constant. Extensive resources in various formats—hard copy books, boxed products, ebooks, workbooks, teacher resource books, worksheets, games, posters, and technologies—allow R.I.C. Publications to meet the needs of all teachers and students.

Explore the different English categories

R.I.C. Publications provides comprehensive resources for teaching English, including ebooks and English lesson plans, as well as more specific tools to progress your students’ skills. You can find specific resources for the following topics within our collection:

● Comprehension

● Grammar, punctuation and word study

● Handwriting

● Language

● Literacy

● Phonics and spelling

● Reading

● Speaking and listening

● Writing

R.I.C.’s content is crafted by former teachers, who understand that students can struggle with foundational knowledge, hindering them from advancing. You can harness these specific activities that guide students and offer new perspectives and ways of absorbing information to keep your class on track.

Teachers might also want new and engaging ways to help students learn some of the challenging topics in English. Our English lesson plans harness fun and create activities that keeps students captivated and wanting to know more, while providing opportunities to apply their new skills.

Explore our range of English teacher resources to find the perfect way to appeal to your students and advance your class’s English skills!