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A whole-school approach is vital to maintaining a consistent approach to the teaching and learning of handwriting from Kindergarten to Year 6, with the emphasis in Kindergarten on pre-writing skills, such as patterning.

For a whole-school approach to be effective, certain documents need to be prepared prior to implementation. These include:

  • a handwriting policy outlining the font, the time allocations, the expectations of the program and of the students, how the program will be implemented and evaluated, teaching strategies, and differentiation and assessment requirements;
  • a progressive teaching and learning sequence within each year level and across the school;
  • a list of handwriting terminology with relevant explanations and examples;
  • a document outlining the dotted-thirds line sizing and the writing implements to be used in each year level; and
  • any relevant forms that teachers may need to access regarding referrals to specialists.

With the help of R.I.C. Publications’ handwriting resources, you can aid your students in their advancement at a more effective and efficient rate. Our handwriting resources are packed full of information, broken down to be digestible for young minds.

While our handwriting resources are not specific lesson plans, their content can certainly form one. For instance, Handwriting today teachers guide – New South Wales foundation – Foundation and Year 1 can cover multiple learning objectives.


There are many ways to improve handwriting, even as an adult. Some of the most common ways are writing more, trying different pens, analysing your handwriting, selecting a style you

like and being consistent in developing it. That is why we strive to create high-quality handwriting resources for teachers, so you can help students from a young age to develop their own unique handwriting style—no matter if it’s cursive or their own creation.


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If you’re struggling to manage your time or are finding some students who would benefit from another style of learning, then our handwriting resources are for you!

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