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Humanities and Social Sciences - Civics and Citizenship

Civics and Citizenship is a key area of Humanities and Social Sciences, and R.I.C. Publications has a wealth of resources to help engage your students to be better citizens in the local, national and global community. Many products link to Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship content, making them an easy choice if you’re looking for resources to seamlessly integrate into your classroom. 

Our range of Civics and Citizenship products includes teacher resources, worksheets and ebooks, with topics including laws and citizens; government and democracy; and citizenship, diversity and identity. With resources from Year 3 to Year 6, you’re sure to find something to cover every aspect of Civics and Citizenship that needs teaching. 

R.I.C.’s resources are designed to captivate students learning about Australian society and culture as well as understanding what it means to be a global citizen. From Indigenous culture, history, Australian values and history of marginalised groups, civics and citizenship helps create socially aware citizens.

Civics and citizenship is a subject that can support students in becoming active members of their community—even future leaders and decision-makers of Australia. For many students, receiving an engaging education in this area is important for understanding their socio-economic environment and supporting ventures aligned to their values and the priorities of their family and community.

R.I.C. has worked hard to create content that helps students see the value in civics and citizenship, so all children are set up with the knowledge and background to participate and thrive in society. Our civics and citizenship resources provide a comprehensive collection of tools to aid your classroom and help your students master the subject.

R.I.C. has ebooks for teachers in Years 3–6, which focus on the three core competencies. Within these topics, our resources have content to help guide your lessons, worksheets to encourage inquiry into societal values and fun and engaging activities to keep students interested in learning.

Browse our range of civics and citizenship resources to find the best material to help your students thrive!