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With English being a core part of education, it is important that high-quality, reliable English educational resources are available. R.I.C. Publications offers a wide range of products to suit all your English teaching needs.

We have a number of series written directly for the Australian Curriculum strands of English Language, Literature and Literacy. These educational resources have become bestsellers in the short time they have been on the market. They cover a range of topics, focusing on creative, informative and persuasive writing, and include enjoyable English exercises and activities for students to complete, and to spark a love of the English language in curious young minds.

We know some students can struggle with some components but succeed in others, depending on their learning style, so our educational resources vary to support this diversity. We stock teachers' resources, blackline masters and student workbooks that cover specific aspects of the English language, such as comprehension, grammar and punctuation, word study, phonics and writing.

You can also consolidate your material with our supporting resources, such as posters, stickers and software to provide comprehensive knowledge of Australian Curriculum English. This ensures each student has the appropriate English teaching resources to support their learning style, while also ensuring teachers are prepared to meet the requirements of Australian Curriculum English.

The Australian Curriculum and R.I.C. – English

The Australian Curriculum for English aims to instil the ability to listen, read, view, speak, write, create and reflect on increasingly complex spoken and written texts in the English language. It’s the foundation for students’ communication with the world around them, to build relationships with others, and to analyse any content that will shape their future. Luckily, students have their whole schooling life to grow these skills, but the right combination of tools and teaching methods can be pivotal to furthering success in their education and careers.

English teaching resources to enhance learning

We craft our English teaching resources precisely to challenge students at particular age groups with enjoyable and captivating activities that help them find pleasure in learning. For English especially, engaged students turn into individuals curious about knowledge, where they have the communication building blocks to advance their education however they please.

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