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Relief Teacher

What’s worse than getting to a classroom full of unknown students and realising that you don’t have the first idea of what they’ve been working on? Well, R.I.C. Publications are here to help you keep the class ticking along. Whether you’re covering for just a class or the whole day, our relief teaching resources are easy to use, no matter what your class is like. 

With resources focusing on educational quizzes, games and activities, all products are cross-curricular, meaning you don’t have to worry about missing out key subject areas. Perfect for the whole class or early finishers, you’ll find everything you need in our relief teaching range. 

Exploring R.I.C.’s range of relief teacher resources

R.I.C. Publications offers a range of resources for relief teachers to use whenever they need an activity to educate and keep students busy, including:

● quizzes

● brainteasers

● crosswords

● skills activity sheets

● activities to reinforce basic skills

● games to solidify listening skills

● cross-curricular activities

This material is often more than enough to fill a day, but we also provide more comprehensive and long-term relief teaching resources.

Teacher relief packs

R.I.C. offers teacher relief packs and complete programs for support teachers to use, whether you're covering for a day, a week, or relief teaching is your full-time job! R.I.C.’s range of relief teacher resources and ebooks contain a comprehensive combination of student activity pages and background information for teachers.

Activities are fun, engaging and educational, so you and their regular teacher can be confident knowing they’re still absorbing important knowledge and advancing their education. These books include multiple subjects, so you can slot into any classroom prepared and ready to bring a fun and captivating learning experience.

Explore our range of relief teacher resources, to find the perfect material for smooth integration into your next classroom!