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Reading for Me: Level 4

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  • First edition
  • Support children to become independent readers

Why choose Reading for me?

  • It is written in line with the National Literacy Progressions, so teachers and parents can be assured that children’s reading skills are developed as they progress through the series.
  • A dyslexia-friendly font is used throughout the workbooks.
  • It is extremely quick and easy for teachers to implement in their classroom or to assign as homework.
  • Questions consolidate reading and comprehension and allow teachers to check that children actually read and comprehend the texts.
  • It is easy for children to use independently, allowing them to take control of their reading journey, or with a parent’s assistance.


  • Each year level has two workbooks containing 15 weeks of texts each (4 texts per week). Part A is a physical workbook (60 texts) and Part B is available online (additional 60 texts).
  • Children are encouraged to read one text each day at home (Monday to Thursday). This equates to 120 texts per year level.
  • A number of different text types are included to provide variety and interest.
  • Each text has an accompanying worksheet with six questions for children to complete so teachers and parents can monitor reading success.
  • Answers are provided (in books and online) for teachers and parents to check progress, or for children to self-mark.

    Reading For Me is such an incredible resource to help support student learning at home. Not only are students developing their reading skills, they are gaining a deeper understanding of texts through the six question that accompany each text. A must have for those that want to provide extra support to their children's learning.


    I like how it has a large range of text types so it can easily suit your planning. You can link in your text type that you’re teaching in writing with reading so easily. The differentiation of texts amongst each text type is wonderful and definitely suits a wide range of learners! The comprehension questions truly match the text and ability level so well and the texts are super interesting. There is a wide range of text topics and I believe students would find them extremely interesting. I think this book would be suited for any ability, whether it be taught or used in a whole class setting, once a week, every day, with higher ability students completing it independently, lower ability students supported by ES or classroom teacher. What a wonderful resource!


    I love the unique texts in Reading For Me! My students have found it very engaging as there are different text types. It varies in difficulty which accommodates for my students with their various capabilities. The layout is simple to follow and I like how there are only 6 questions for students to complete to consolidate their understanding of the text.


    They found the font easy to read and liked that there were spaces between each line of text as this made it easier to read. They really enjoyed the content of the informative text but weren’t overly interested in the other two text types. They found the diary entry quite boring and lacking in detail. They thought the persuasive piece needed to be stronger in its message. They found the questions to be quite straight forward and allowed them to find the answers directly in the text.They would like to see some more challenging questions that allowed them to think more deeply. They thought the questions about word meaning were good and important. They liked that there were different text types and different difficulty levels. We were all a bit unsure of what the dots at the top of the page represented but determined that these increased with difficulty. Teacher- The language used was kid friendly and easy for them to relate to, even if they had little to no schema on the topic

    Students of Rosebud Primary School Victoria

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