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Classroom Themes

Classroom themes are an excellent way to stir fun and adventure into the classroom, by giving your students a topic to explore while doing a range of activities. Themes immerse students in a central subject that connects different learning activities and integrates various learning areas, styles, subjects and skills together.

R.I.C. Publications has had the privilege of supplying teachers and students with this special type of educational resource for over 30 years. Over this time, we’ve created a collection of bestselling classroom themes to help students fall in love with learning by creating a connected learning experience, ensuring many great benefits—some of which we’ve listed below.

● Interesting themes create a love of learning. Theme-based learning can help students dive deeper into topics they are passionate about and incite their natural curiosity. Our themes have something for everyone, so your whole classroom can stay motivated and excited to explore the activities.

● Students make deep connections. Themes help students make connections from one experience to another, naturally bridging topics, skills and subjects.

● Students learn about the world through themes. Our themes are relevant to the world, so exploring one indirectly through the activities can help students learn more about the world they live in.

● Themes make learning meaningful. Activities in theme-based learning connect achievements to an overarching goal, so students see the meaningful applications of academic knowledge and skills, naturally retaining knowledge better.

● Support different learning styles. By integrating different learning areas and skills, theme-based learning supports different learning needs and levels of ability.

With teacher information, worksheets, cross-curricular activities, games, recipes and more, classroom decor themes are educational resources that are as comprehensive as they are loveable. View our range by scrolling down or using the filters on the left to find your next classroom theme