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From the written and the drawn, to the painted and performed … The Arts is an exciting area full of opportunities for students to express their creative sides, and music provides a beautiful and dynamic way to do this. 

Since we understand that writing, learning and performing music can be a daunting task for less confident students (and teachers!), R.I.C. Publications produces a range of resources to provide support; but also to challenge more independent and adventurous children. 

Make learning music easy for students from Foundation to Year 6, with products including teacher information, worksheets, lesson plans and instructions for activities such as games, assembly items, plays and performances. Experience the joy of seeing your students gain confidence and become creative masterminds. 

Teaching music is a unique process that balances practical and theoretical learning, and this balance varies from one student to another. For teachers, understanding this mixture can take your focus, and giving students your full attention in class is essential to help you determine their needs. R.I.C. helps you put your focus where it’s most required, by handling the theoretical side with our music teaching resources for primary, designed to provide proven structure and quality knowledge to your lessons.

Our comprehensive material helps students struggling to grasp concepts stay on track and progress efficiently. Through a range of teaching techniques, workbooks and activities, you can develop a lesson plan about music theory easily and spend more time addressing your students’ individual needs. What's more, our music resources for primary teachers bring the active role of music into the classroom through practical tasks and games for younger students.

Our collection of music resources for primary years is as broad as it is captivating! Help your students learn the phonics of rhyme, go on musical experiences, intertwine hand movements with songs to enhance memory, and explore Indigenous songs and culture through music.

Browse our range of music education resources to find the best material to help your students thrive in music!