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New wave mental maths Book G – Year 7

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Download the answers for Book G here.

New wave mental workbooks will sit comfortably with any mathematics program. Day-by-day activities cover all mathematics strands and are developmental throughout each book and the series. Supported by a weekly testing program, new wave mental maths Book G is the complete mental mathematics resource at the right price. Please note: This level was not revised in 2017.

Save even more time with the New wave mental maths online portal for teachers. From a way to quickly correct the answers, elevate the Friday assessment, and review concepts while staying engaged within the program – we have taken all of your suggestions and more. Get a complimentary access with a class set purchase!


  • comprehensive coverage of mental mathematics concepts
  • opportunities for consolidation of mathematical concepts
  • practice in speed of recall
  • opportunities for reinforcement of ongoing mathematical concepts
  • sequential development of mathematical concepts
  • a structured daily program for the whole year
  • pictorial, graphic and written representation of problems
  • an inbuilt review and assessment program
  • clear two colour presentation throughout
  • record pages provided
  • answers provided
  • multiple levels provide ideal opportunity for implementation into an outcomes–based program
  • daily revision of already-taught maths concepts

    Great way to warm up my daughter's brain for the day ahead! As a home schooler, I love these books. They help me to identify where my daughter is struggling and needs more work.

    Sarah Wooden

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