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Online Teaching Tools

Welcome to our Digital tools portal

We have many digital resources to complement some of our most popular workbooks and box sets—not to mention our newest curriculum-aligned digital teaching tool, Let's teach! Primary! Check them all out at the links below.

There are so many innovative and easy-to-use online teaching tools and platforms to enhance learning in the classroom! Students can have fun and retain more information by learning through interactivity, playing games and simply being immersed in a more engaging digital environment. Online teaching tools encourage achievement through platforms that automatically move students to the next level and acknowledge their success.

Efficient teaching means more time to help your students

Teaching becomes a whole lot easier through digital educational tools, and they can remove a lot of the administration work so you can focus your efforts on helping students understand subjects. R.I.C. aligns the content within these online tools to suit your classroom or the Australian Curriculum for each subject. You can find everything you need for a class on the same platform, including lesson plans and activities, keeping you organised and efficient.

Fun and engaging ways to learn

Other digital tools for teachers can be used to make lessons more fun and to reward your class. Students can expand their mental maths skills through quizzes that test how fast they can solve a question, or perfect their handwriting style in a fun and waste-free way. If spelling is the focus, we have a digital learning tool that provides opportunities for practice through games.

Keep reading to find out more about our specific digital tools for your classroom!


Let's teach! Primary

Our new, easy-to-use online teaching platform where you can plan,
deliver and assess curriculum-aligned lessons in under-resourced learning areas
such as HASS, Science and Health. Click on the link for a free trial.


Science: A STEM approach online resource centre

The Science: A STEM approach online resource centre has all the
supplementary materials to enhance your experience of using the series.
Click on the link to select your book, and find your resources!


New wave mental maths portal

The New wave mental maths portal is a fantastic supplementary resource to be used
alongside our workbook series. In order to access the portal
you must first create an account, then upload your booklist or proof of purchase.


The History box

Bring interactivity to the classroom with The History box online portal, featuring
digital copies of all elements of The History box, as well as relevant videos.
Click on the link to enter your specific code located on your History box.

Handwriting today

The Handwriting today online practice tool is available to anyone to use—even
without the book! Your child will have fun while practising and perfecting their handwriting.

Spelling workbook games

Our new and improved Spelling workbook series has a new games component!
Click on the link above to access the online games.