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Civics & Citizenship

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R.I.C. Publications offers educational resources for civics and citizenship, including teacher resource books with worksheets and activities, ebooks and digital units. These allow students to develop inquiry skills, and in turn apply the skills and knowledge to question, understand and positively contribute to the world around them. 

Our Australian Curriculum Civics and citizenship series for Years 3 to 6 covers key concepts from the Australian HASS Curriculum organised into three sections—Government and democracy; Laws and citizens; and Citizenship, diversity and identity. This resource is flexible and adaptable and can be used across year levels to both extend and consolidate students. 

Complete with both Inquiry and skills and Humanities and Social Sciences links, as well as integration of technology and additional activities, this series is a perfect addition to your social studies teaching resources. 

R.I.C.’s Australian Curriculum Civics and citizenship learning resources are designed to help you structure your lessons for each class and each year; as well as to flow from one year to the next and build upon information from previous years. This allows students to develop a curiosity and interest in playing a role as a citizen in early years while learning how through forming inquiry skills and relevant knowledge.

The topic areas include the shared values of Australian citizens, rights and responsibilities, rights and obligations as global citizens, rights of marginalised groups in Australia and much more. Through these topics, we help you explore techniques to inquire about people, places, developments, events, systems and challenges. Our educational resources support students’ ability to think critically about society and become socially aware citizens.

Beyond inquiry, our education material includes worksheets and guides to help your class collect relevant information and data about topics. You’ll find resources to represent this data in various formats such as tables, graphs and maps and sequence information about events and people—which create a comprehensive approach to analysing culture and society.

Our activities and materials are kept fun and interactive to keep the information approachable, lighthearted and aid students’ interest.