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R.I.C. Publications offers a range of educational resources for mathematics, including teacher resource books with worksheets, student workbooks, games, interactives, homework tasks and box sets, which allow students to develop understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning in all areas of maths.

Our Australian Curriculum Mathematics range provides curriculum-aligned learning resources for teaching number and algebra, mental maths, problem-solving, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability. Some of the activities within these include number and place value, fractions, decimals and percentages, money and financial mathematics, patterns and algebra, using units of measurement, shape, location and transformation, geometric reasoning, chance and data representation and interpretation.

Our maths teaching resources provide opportunities for students to develop written and mental strategies while completing times tables and other mental maths challenges, written activities, problem-solving tasks and STEM projects. Our collection of reference books explain important vocabulary and our NAPLAN-style resources prepare students in answering multiple-choice questions present in standardised tests within the Australian Curriculum for maths.

The Australian Curriculum and R.I.C. – Mathematics

There's a common belief that the ability to learn how to understand patterns and numbers is dependent on students' cognitive capacity, which isn't necessarily true. With the aid of educational resources, we can help guide a student's understanding of the Australian Curriculum for maths, enabling them to comprehend techniques and develop their mathematics skills.

Our educational resources create the opportunity for students to build confidence in their abilities. This is important, as confidence is an educational cornerstone that helps children overcome increasingly complex challenges until they have all the tools and knowledge necessary for a successful career.

Maths teaching resources to enhance learning

With over 30 years of providing our Australian Curriculum Mathematics teaching resources, they’re completely optimised to fulfil teachers' needs. Our maths teaching resources combine enjoyable and engaging exercises with the appropriate level of complexity to ensure students are challenged. This allows students to learn the fundamental Australian Curriculum Maths principles, while enjoying the process, creating a healthy relationship with their education.

Browse through our range of learning resources to discover all aspects of basic mathematics, tailored to suit different learning styles, abilities and requirements. This includes comprehensive workbooks, a wide range of posters, and even Australian testing preparation resources to help you structure your students’ learning for national assessments.

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