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The Arts - Visual Arts

From the written and the drawn, to the painted and performed … The Arts is an exciting area full of opportunities for students to express their creative sides, and visual arts provide a fun, easy and versatile way to do this. 

Since we understand that being creative and learning different art and craft skills can be a daunting task for less confident students (and teachers!), R.I.C. Publications produces a range of resources to provide support; but also to challenge more independent and adventurous children. 

Our Primary art series, by Dianne Sterrett, goes through the stages of discussing, creating, reflecting and assessing art, ensuring that students of all ability are able to understand the process and feel a sense of accomplishment at their creations. 

With products covering painting, drawing, printmaking, colouring, collage and construction, and including full-colour images and easy-to-follow instructions, your students will be discovering their inner Picassos and Da Vincis in no time!