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Humanities and Social Sciences - Geography Teacher Resources

Geography is a key area of Humanities and Social Sciences, and R.I.C. Publications has a wealth of resources to help you deliver the intricacies of the world to your students in an engaging, educational manner. Many products link to Australian Curriculum Geography content, making them an easy choice if you’re looking for resources to seamlessly integrate into your classroom. 

Our range of Geography products includes teacher resources, worksheets and ebooks, with topics ranging from global issues like climate change to what’s in the local environment. With resources from Foundation to Year 6, you’re sure to find educational resources to cover every aspect of Geography that needs teaching. 


Teach geography more efficiently and effectively with R.I.C.! Through our resources, you can guide your students in their advancement and ensure they are learning the best way for them. Our Geography resources for primary teachers are packed full of information, broken down to be digestible for young minds.

Our Geography teacher resources contain many product types that can become lesson plans, but also contain dedicated Geography lessons plans. For instance, Global geography – Africa and South America – Year 4 is a dedicated lesson plan. The unit comprises a range of fun activities and worksheets, as well as Australian Curriculum links and a fun passport-themed assessment.

This digital unit is 22 pages and covers multiple Australian Curriculum codes, such as ‘The main characteristics of the continents of Africa and South America and the location of their major countries in relation to Australia’ (ACHASSK087).


You can use the filters on the left-hand side to browse for a specific resource by year level, age, format, product type, series and price.

If you’re struggling to manage your time or are finding some students would benefit from another style of learning, then our geography resources for primary teachers are for you!

Browse our range or contact us today to learn more and get answers to all your questions about our geography resources for teachers.