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New wave mental maths Book B – Year 2

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Download the answers for Book B here.

Make mental maths practice the highlight of every day with New wave mental maths! The perfect tool to consolidate and reinforce student learning, this fantastic series has been comprehensively revised to take into account the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. With fun and colourfully illustrated daily questions to complete as well as dedicated problem-solving questions for Monday to Thursday, this resource is the ideal platform for the development of mental skills and mathematical concepts.

Save even more time with the New wave mental maths online portal for teachers. From a way to quickly correct the answers, elevate the Friday assessment, and review concepts while staying engaged within the program – we have taken all of your suggestions and more. Get a complimentary access with a class set purchase!


Revised edition, released October 2017 features:
  • a structured daily mental maths program for the whole school year
  • coverage of all strand and content descriptions applicable to mental maths
  • daily problem-solving questions covering all three strands incorporate real-life maths contexts and situations
  • increases students’ understanding, knowledge, reasoning, problem-solving, fluency and the application of their learning
  • provides a variety of mental problems in a number of contexts in all Australian Curriculum Mathematics strands
  • includes teacher assessments of students’ learning progress by separating the maths strands in the Friday review
  • focuses on accuracy and fluency in basic computational skills
  • sequential development of mathematical concepts and vocabulary, and opportunities for weekly assessment and monitoring of student progress with the Friday review
  • comprehensive coverage and consolidation of mental mathematics concepts
  • uses visualisation to enhance learning
  • uses real-world maths application of knowledge and reasoning
  • has attention-grabbing graphics that make maths fun
  • Friday review now easier to access with questions colour-coded for each strand. Great for the student and great for teacher marking and evaluating the student’s knowledge
  • Daily problem-solving questions covering all three Australian Curriculum Mathematics strands
  • Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability
  • STEM mathematical context
  • Differentiation
  • daily revision of already-taught maths concepts

    My kids loved this book. The pictures are amazing, very bright and colourful. I would recommend

    Tina Prochella

    I like this book which includes word questions that are related to kids' everyday experiences.

    Ying Tong

    The most invaluable resource! I use it daily, my kids always want to keep going

    Kate Farnig

    Love the inclusion of the problem solving section!

    Chloe Scott

    I have been using the New Wave Mental Maths series of books (B – F) for last 4 years for my students (Year 2 to Year 6). It is an excellent for use as homework books. These books are designed with questions based on multiple concepts and students are exposed to them weekly. I see my students gradually develop their understanding in many concepts and becoming confident in their maths fundamentals. The problem-solving questions can be challenging, therefore I always do those questions with my students as modelling questions.


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