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Digital Resources

R.I.C. Publications understands the need for structured and thorough teaching, so students learn the right knowledge adequately before advancing their understanding. Our ebooks are a comprehensive and informative learning resource to ensure your class is moving at the right pace and has everything it needs to succeed.

Our range covers all Australian Curriculum subjects for every year group and includes multiple units, topics and activities ordered for organised and efficient student growth. We’ve crafted the content in our ebooks to cater to the different abilities of students in each year group, so your whole class can advance smoothly.

Many of R.I.C.’s ebooks include easy-to-follow lesson plans with a term overview at the start of each unit so teachers and students can know what to expect and aim for the right outcomes. They’re packed full of information, with background knowledge for teachers, ideas to incorporate technology into your classroom, resources sheets, assessment sheets, activity pages, checklists, definitions of terms and more!

The content is designed to construct a fun and supportive learning environment where students are engaged and inspired to continue learning. They even offer ways to integrate homework into your teaching, aiding your students in the process of retaining information.

Schools and classrooms are increasingly implementing digital tools and resources to help teachers access, assign and communicate content to students more conveniently than ever before. Students also benefit from tools that help them access and complete their schoolwork efficiently.

Therefore, R.I.C. has developed digital resources for teachers that are packed full of informational tools to help structure the school year and lessons, as well as fun and captivating activities and worksheets to make learning more enjoyable.

Digital teaching resources

Throughout our digital educational material, you’ll find a range of content, some of which provides teachers with information, structure and materials to guide their class. Through ebooks, you’ll find a comprehensive folder of lesson plans, student worksheets and activities—all the resources you’ll need for any major subject.

Other materials in our collection include digital strands, posters that effectively teach through visual learning, classroom themes to aid teaching through a narrative, editable student worksheets, lesson plans and units—all designed to save you time, which you can then spend on further helping your students succeed.

Digital tools

R.I.C. also provides digital education tools, which can help you move most of your physical work online, saving time, materials and effort. R.I.C. can integrate the required content into these tools to align them for your subject, year and classrooms requirements.

Browse our range of digital resources for teachers to find the best material to help your students thrive!