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Teacher stickers are always a source of enjoyment for students (and teachers)! R.I.C. Publications has a vast range of stickers suitable for every classroom topic. Our bright reward stickers are visually appealing, with many offering commendations of praise. Students will look forward to receiving these stickers time and time again.

Our educational stickers cover topics such as animals, places, seasons, celebrations, awards and much more! We also have mini stickers in a selection of themes; they are perfect as a quick reward for a well-behaved student.

The importance of stickers

As an instant form of positive recognition, stickers are a fun and hassle-free way to introduce reward systems and structure into your classroom—not to mention they’re also inexpensive and straightforward to implement!

We’ve helped teachers manage their classrooms more efficiently with our range of reward stickers for over 30 years. When your class is struggling with something, merit stickers are an excellent way to reinforce positive behaviours that help them succeed.

Our collection of stickers enables you to create an environment that encourages improvement and positive behaviours—it’s amazing how something so small can

have such a positive impact! Stickers allow students to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, giving them something to work towards and motivating them to put their best foot forward.

Stickers for any occasion

You can use stickers for many things; encouraging participation, celebrating birthdays or as positive reinforcement. Ultimately, children connect with physical rewards, and of all the reward systems you can implement into your classroom, stickers are the easiest.

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