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Educational Posters

R.I.C. Publications has a range of appealing educational posters that add an element of fun to learning. These eye-catching posters cover a range of topics, with their design focused on a balance of text, images and diagrams to encourage student engagement.

We have a range of English learning posters covering punctuation, parts of speech, comprehension and text types that make it easy for students to understand the rules of English and to employ them in their day-to-day work. Our mathematics education posters similarly use a mixture of images and text to describe need-to-know vocabulary and skills.

For early childhood, our bright and colourful classroom posters focus on themes such as places, people and animals, introducing students to everyday words and

ideas in a fun and entertaining way. These educational posters complement the Early years themes teacher resource books and the accompanying stickers.

We also have posters covering the topics of bullying, conflict management and values education.

Posters to enhance learning

If you already use learning posters as a cornerstone in your classroom, you're probably familiar with the unique ways students interact with them. Teachers often find their students drawn to classroom posters—who isn't captivated by colourful graphics and images?

The visual learning provided by educational posters help students understand their messages, which is highly effective for absorbing the educational content. Students remember visually represented information much better, as they create mental maps to help them recall the content. Visual learning also trains students to think visually, which is a learning style that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

R.I.C. Publication's posters are a powerful inclusion in your classroom, from posters that display information such as curriculum guides, to ones that promote healthy behaviours, such as anti-bullying campaigns. We really do have all the educational posters you need to tie your classroom together!