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At R.I.C. we understand the importance of effective English teaching and learning and have produced a wide range of English literacy resources. Our range of teacher resources—including worksheets, teacher notes, ebooks, texts and lesson plans—are designed to create a fun and interesting educational experience for both students and teachers from Foundation to Year 6. 

Our comprehensive educational resources cover topics including strategies for writing, text types, building vocabulary, and critical thinking. A wide variety of entertaining texts, along with fun and thought-provoking questions and activities, are written to engage students and provide something to interest everyone.   

Our series of writing topics and prompts provide less confident students with inspiration and the opportunity to develop their own creative process. At the same time, more confident and independent students may use these as a starting point from which to challenge themselves. Many of our series link to the Australian Curriculum. A number are all-inclusive, and all can be integrated seamlessly into your classroom. 

R.I.C.’s literacy teacher resources are developed by teachers for teachers, which means their teaching experience with students was utilised in their creation. English literacy is a complex and broad topic that encompasses not only a wide range of subject matter but comprehensive techniques and methods of learning.

Browsing our content, you’ll find this topic explored through different resources, including ebooks, literacy lesson plans and comprehensive worksheets, and more specific activities and tasks. Our literacy resources are designed around funny, suspenseful and exciting texts with a mixture of literal, inferential and applied comprehensive questions to help students develop a critical approach to literature.

Other resources explore strategies and skills designed to creatively and methodically teach students various techniques to understand literature. Students are provided with ways to understand words, find information, identify the main idea, sequence, compare, predict, conclude, summarise, infer, and identify cause and effect, fact or opinion and point of view.

Browse our range of literacy resources for teachers to find educational material that will help your class fall in love with reading, writing and learning!