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At R.I.C. we understand the importance of effective English teaching and learning and have produced a wide range of English language teaching resources. Our range of teacher resources—including worksheets, teacher notes, lesson plans, texts, ebooks, textless big books, posters and stickers—are designed to create a fun and interesting educational experience for both students and teachers from Foundation to Year 6. 

Our comprehensive resources cover topics including writing, editing, grammar, text types, poetry, literacyspeaking and listening, through engaging subjects such as animals and fairytales. High-interest activities, homework assignments and learning centres all assist in creating a positive routine of regular practice.

Many of our series link to the Australian Curriculum. A number are all-inclusive, and all can be integrated seamlessly into your classroom. 


Help your children excel at English with R.I.C.! Through our resources, you can guide your students as they progress and ensure they are learning the best way for them. Our resources for language teachers are packed full of information, broken down to be digestible for young minds.

Our English language resources contain many product types that can become lesson plans, but also contain dedicated lessons plans. For instance, Australian Curriculum Language – Print and screen concepts – Ages 5–6 is a dedicated lesson plan.

Within this digital unit, you receive extensive teacher background notes, suggested activities to develop the content description, resource sheets, an assessment checklist, related English links, along with modes, capabilities and priorities covered.

This digital unit is 22 pages and covers multiple Australian Curriculum codes, such as ‘Understand concepts about print and screen, including how books, film and simple digital texts work, and know some features of print, for example, directionality’ (ACELA1433).


You can use the filters on the left-hand side to browse for a specific resource by year level, age, format, product type, series and price.

If you’re struggling to manage your time or are finding some students would benefit from another style of learning, then our English language teaching resources are for you!

Browse our range or contact us today to learn more and get answers to all your questions about our English language resources.