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Reading for Me


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Reading For Me is such an incredible resource to help support student learning at home. Not only are students developing their reading skills, they are gaining a deeper understanding of texts through the six questions that accompany each text. A must-have for those who want to provide extra support to their children's learning.” — @littlerainbowteacher

Reading for Me is a fun, new-style kids’ reading and comprehension series that helps them to become independent readers through engaging daily activities. The series caters to different year levels, with six books, each broken into two parts.

Part A is a physical workbook (60 texts) that uses different writing styles and functions (60 texts), such as imaginary, factual and persuasive, to facilitate students’ reading in both the classroom and at home. Each short story is accompanied by six questions that gauge a child’s reading skills and help to develop them as they move through the series.  

Part A includes access to Part B (additional 60 text), an online portal built to encourage fantastic collaboration between students by giving teachers the ability to project the stories and questions onto a screen for all to see. Click here to check it out or watch it in action above.