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Comprehension text – Life cycle of a mosquito – Year 3 digital unit

This is a 5-page assessment unit from the Developing Comprehension skills and word knowledge series that covers:

  • Inferring
  • Sequencing
  • Finding similarities and differences
  • Understanding words
  • Points of view and purpose
  • Concluding
  • Identifying the main idea
Word Knowledge
  • Plurals
  • Word meanings (context)
  • Homophones (weak/week: threw/through)
  • Near-homophones (breath/breathe)
  • Word meaning differences (noun vs. verb)
  • Word meanings (synonyms)

**This ebook is not transferable, nor can it be on-sold or uploaded to an intranet site. For full copyright details, please see the Copyright Notice outlined in the ebook or refer to the Copyright Agency Limited www.copyright.com.au

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