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Lesson plans and units

Lesson plans help you improve the quality of learning through enriched content and structure, ensuring optimal engagement and knowledge retainment. Creating a quality lesson plan that can establish this environment while following the Australian Curriculum can be a big challenge for teachers. That’s where R.I.C.’s well-established Australian Curriculum lesson plans and units come in.

With key inquiry questions and related activities, our lesson plans and units come in a range of digital formats to help you reference the information conveniently. They’ve helped countless Australian teachers master their classrooms, organise activities, highlight areas of focus, experiment with new ideas and set achievable goals for students for over 30 years. With constant updates and reviews according to curriculums, they’re as relevant today as ever.

One of the widest ranges of lesson plans, Australia-wide!

Whether you’re teaching mathematics, English, science, history, geography, health and physical education or Foundation years, you can find the best plans to support your teaching here. Plans for each subject harness industry best practices, stay up to date with relevant knowledge and save time, allowing teachers to provide extra attention to their students' learning and growth. R.I.C.’s lesson plans are also an excellent way to keep your students engaged and interested by applying the appropriate level of challenge to stay motivated and grow their skills.

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