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New wave mental maths

With over 20 years of research and continuous development, our bestselling New Wave Mental Maths series is still the best mathematics practice resource for the modern classroom. Visually rich and engaging, New Wave Mental Maths provides daily maths practice to increase students’ fluency and automaticity in all three maths strands. Have a closer look and find out how they can make a difference in your school today.

New wave mental maths features daily practice of mathematics with a spiral learning method to consolidate and improve students’ skill levels. Each book features 200 days worth of maths problems!

New wave mental maths includes problem-solving questions each week! Designed to develop students’ ability to make choices, interpret, formulate, and communicate solutions effectively.

Save even more time with the New Wave Mental Maths online portal for teachers. From a way to quickly correct the answers, elevate the Friday assessment, and review concepts while staying engaged within the program – we have taken all of your suggestions and more. Get a complimentary access with a class set purchase!


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