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The Maths box – Year 4

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Download a free sample of The Maths box - Year 4 here.

Make learning maths easier and more enjoyable for even the most reluctant students with The Maths box! Attractive and affordable, these amazing boxes cover all the mathematics strands and substrands for Years 1 to 6.


Each box contains:
  • 75 unique cards (2 of each card, 150 cards total) featuring a variety of motivating activities supported by colourful artwork and photographs, encouraging students to engage in independent work and further practise mathematics concepts taught in class
  • 75 full-colour answer cards allowing students to work and progress at their own rate while keeping a record for their own and teacher reference
  • 1 comprehensive teachers guide including scope and sequence charts, student assessment and teacher recording templates, supporting materials including fabulous mini posters, and much more.


  • supports Australian Curriculum Mathematics
  • teaches processing skills
  • easy-to-use
  • durable and colourful
  • great value for money

    This resource is amazing! The cards are visually appealing and sturdy. The imagines on the card connect well with the text. I love how the box divides up the strands into Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

    Shandell Gammon

    I am so excited to use this with my class next term when we return to school! There are 2 sets of cards and answer cards. I love how easy it will be for my kids to choose a card and then either mark it independently or with a buddy! These maths boxes are brilliant! So much so that I got my school to invest and we use box 4 and 5 on a weekly basis. They are the perfect independent task as well as a follow up for targeted group Sessions. My kids love them and having the answer cards readily available means they can peer mark too!


    My kiddies have been enjoying using these maths activity cards from @ricpublications for our maths problem solving lessons. My kids have been loving the challenge and they’ve also said it’s so helpful that they have access to the answer cards too! I totally second that Here are just a few of their favourite cards that they have used.


    The Maths Box is packed full of awesome activities and games that are Australian Curriculum aligned!

    Miss Watt (facebook)

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