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Maths Terms and Tables – Simple descriptions of terms, clear tables, charts and diagrams – Ages 8+

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Written by leading mathematical educators, Paul Swan, Linda Marshall and Jack Bana. In language it is common for a parent, teacher or student to make use of a dictionary to check the spelling, meaning, pronunciation or origin of a word. In mathematics, however, where language can often prove to be a stumbling block, it is rare for a dictionary to be consulted. In this publication we have tried to give brief and simple explanations of terms without sacrificing accuracy.


  • comprehensive listing of common mathematical terms, tables and concepts
  • brief yet accurate definitions
  • written in unambiguous, easily understood language
  • explanatory diagrams and examples used whenever appropriate or necessary
  • topic-based overview of key ideas in the latter half of the book
  • a highly accessible resource for users at all levels–students, teachers and parents

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