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How can changing materials from solid to liquid be useful?

Australian Curriculum Science overview: We live in an astonishingly complex world surrounded by natural and man-made wonders, from amazing life cycles and evolutionary adaptations of different species, to human inventions which have changed the way we live. With a smorgasbord of examples, Australian Curriculum Science is the must-have one-stop resource for teachers.

This file contains student pages from Australian Curriculum ScienceYear 3 (Page 43-45). Each of the worksheets are formatted as editable PDFs and prepared in small file sizes—easy to send and receive, no need for printing or scanning. 

Curriculum link:

  • A change of state between solid and liquid can be caused by adding or removing heat (ACSSU046


Original titleAustralian Curriculum Science

Year level: Year 3

Unit theme: Chemical sciences

Lesson title: How can changing materials from solid to liquid be useful?

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