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Handwriting today – Victorian modern cursive workbook – Foundation

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Research shows that handwriting assists with the preparation for early literacy, increases creativity and productivity, improves learning difficulties and enhances auditory learning. It is this understanding that makes Handwriting today the must-have new series for every teacher. This innovative resource is packed with handwriting activities designed to combine the teaching of handwriting with fun and effective cross-curricular activities, including Science, Mathematics and Health.

Handwriting today is developed in workbook form for Foundation–Year 3, with comprehensive teacher guides available for Foundation–Year 1 and Years 2–3. Teacher resource books are available for Years 4–6 to provide greater flexibility for older students and individual instruction where required.


Workbook features:
  • colourful, contemporary and attractive page presentation
  • colourful developmental writing patterns and letter introduction
  • dedicated writing character for each year level, encouraging students through handwriting skills and curriculum activities
  • dotted-third lines for size and spacing practice
  • supportive starting points and arrows to guide correct letter formation
  • developmentally-appropriate letter, word and sentence practice
  • joining patterns with concise and explicit letter practice
  • cross-curricular and differentiated activities while supporting good pedagogical handwriting practices
  • handy student handwriting tips


Australian Curriculum links:

English—Literacy—Creating texts

Produce some lower case and upper case letters using learned letter formations (ACELY1653

  • adopting correct posture and pencil grip
  • learning to produce simple handwriting movements
  • following clear demonstrations of how to construct each letter (for example where to start; which direction to write)
  • learning to construct lower case letters and to combine these into words
  • learning to construct some upper case letters

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