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Global geography – Australia’s connections with other countries – Year 6 digital unit

Journey around the globe with this unit, which covers topics including migration to Australia, trade with Papua New Guinea, Australian aid to Asia, connecting to Indonesia through education, and connecting through tourism. Specially selected from Australian Curriculum Global geography, this fantastic unit contains five lesson plans that link to Australia’s connections with other countries and how these change people and places (ACHASSK141) of the Australian Curriculum Humanities and Social Sciences. It also focuses on ICT and Inquiry skills development. 

The unit comprises a range of fun activities and worksheets, as well as Australian Curriculum links and a fun passport-themed assessment. There are multiple interactive resources listed, and the ‘Travelling further’ activities are ideal for early finishers and extension. In line with our goal for all products, this unit is flexible and adaptable, providing students opportunities to hone their questioning, research and analysis skills

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