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Dice Activities for Algebra – Patterns, relationships, functions – Ages 10–13

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Dice activities was created by teachers in their classrooms over a period of 10 years to help students become more fluent with mathematical concepts. The activities are time-tested and proven to engage children. This exciting series provide opportunities to reinforce number patterns, construct efficient counting strategies, manipulate numbers mentally, develop fluency, introduce place value and much more. Starting and completing activities only require the use of dice, a commonly available manipulative. While this resource is designed for a classroom setting, it is easily adaptable for use at home.

Want a closer look? You can download a free sample pack here.

When given the opportunity to ‘play’ with big mathematical ideas, students naturally acquire the algebra basics:

  • using symbols to denote mathematical functions;
  • using a variable (n) to represent an unknown; and
  • writing and solving simultaneous equations.

Dice activities for algebra is intended to:

  • construct a bridge for students to transition from thinking arithmetically to thinking algebraically
  • assist students in the use of letters to represent unknowns and variables
  • apply deductive and inductive reasoning in solving for n
  • generate rules to describe number patterns
  • increase and deepen an understanding of equivalency

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