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Comprehension text – The cold lad of hilton – Year 1 digital unit

This 7-page unit from the Developing Comprehension skills and word knowledge series covers read and understand the features of a fairytale:

  • Read decodable and predictable texts using developing phrasing, fluency, contextual, semantic, grammatical and phonic knowledge and emerging text processing strategies, for example, prediction, monitoring meaning and re-reading (ACELY1659
  • Respond to texts drawn from a range of cultures and experiences (ACELY1655
  • Discuss characters and events in a range of literacy texts and share personal responses to these texts, making connections with students’ own experiences (ACELT1582


  • Use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning about key events, ideas and information in texts that they listen to, view and read by drawing on grown knowledge of context, text structures and language features (ACELY1660


Word Knowledge
  • Use short vowels, common long vowels, consonant digraphs and consonant blends when writing, and blend these to read single syllable words (ACEA1458
  • Use visual memory to read single syllable words (ACELA1458
  • Recognise and know how to use simple grammatical morphemes to create word families (ACELA1455


Each individual text type covers a number of content descriptions across the Language, Literature and Literacy strands of Australian Curriculum English. The detailed lesson plans save valuable planning time and allow for individual student differences. Use all, or some, of the ideas provided to cater to the needs of your class.


**This ebook is not transferable, nor can it be on-sold or uploaded to an intranet site. For full copyright details, please see the Copyright Notice outlined in the ebook or refer to the Copyright Agency Limited www.copyright.com.au

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