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Bullying in a Cyber World – Ages 3–5

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Helping children with cyber bullying

This teacher resource covers the following – what is bullying?, forms of bullying, cyber bullying, targets of bullying, effects of bullying, who bullies and why?, dealing with bullying, and preventing bullying. Bullying in a Cyber World can be used to supplement your school’s anti-bullying policy or in conjunction with its values program.

This series is supported by two full-colour sets of six posters, one set for older students ages 8-13 and one for younger students ages 4-7.

  • eight sections (Ages 6-8, 9-10 and 11-13), or seven sections (Early Learning)
  • a focus identifying the main purpose of the student activity
  • background information
  • an introduction to the activity
  • questions to promote discussion
  • answers, as necessary
  • supporting exercises to further develop the student activity
  • a stimulus text, ‘Read about it’, to inform students about the page’s theme and to promote discussion
  • a comprehension activity, ‘Write about it’, in which students demonstrate what they have learned from the stimulus text
  • an extension activity, ‘More about it’, which encourages students to think more deeply about the focus and relate it to their own lives
  • detailed information about the aspects of bullying covered in the book
  • suggestions for promoting a ‘bully safe’ school environment
  • a sample bullying incident report for teachers
  • a sample bullying incident report for students
  • anti-bullying pledges for the whole class, individuals and home use
  • merit certificates and bookmarks to be awarded for demonstrations of positive behaviour against bullying
  • sample student internet safety checklist
  • sample parent internet safety checklist
  • a list of useful websites and literature resources to promote understanding of and information for dealing with bullying
  • glossary

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