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Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Statistics and Probability – Foundation to Year 2

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How many people share your birthday? What chance is there that you will visit the moon this year? Written by Clare Way, this collection of fun and relatable questions, activities and scenarios will immerse students in the world of statistics and probability, giving them an appetite for more. Focusing on the Statistics and Probability strand of Australian Curriculum Mathematics, through the sub-strands Chance and Data representation and interpretation, this comprehensive series is a must-have for teaching mathematics.


  • Australian Curriculum Mathematics links
  • theoretical background information
  • teacher information
  • resource sheets
  • hands-on activities and assessment activities
  • links to other curriculum areas
  • related terms
  • student vocabulary
  • content description explanations
  • teaching points
  • checklists of possible student difficulties
  • proficiency strands
  • hands-on activities
  • links to other curriculum areas
  • resource sheets
  • answers

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