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Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Location and Transformation 3 – Year 2 ebook

This is an 18-page ebook from the Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Measurement and Geometryseries that covers:

Location and transformation:

  • Identify and describe half and quarter turns (ACMMG046) 


  • predicting and reproducing a pattern based around half and quarter turns of a shape and sketching the next element in the pattern


  • Teacher information
  • Hands-on activities
  • Links to other curriculum areas
  • Resource sheets
  • Assessment
  • Checklist

The world is filled with fascinating shapes and structures that children are forever discovering and questioning. Watch their knowledge and curiosity grow as they learn through the interesting, fun-filled questions and activities in this series. Written by mathematics educator Linda Marshall, for the Measurement and Geometry strand of Australian Curriculum Mathematics, this resource will have students shapeshifting into mathematics superstars in no time!

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