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Algecadabra – Captivating tricks to make algebra fun – Ages 11+

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Developing an understanding of algebra

Algecadabra is a single book containing twenty fun mathematical tricks to engage student interest and develop a knowledge and understanding of algebra. By exploring the language of algebraic expression, students acquire the necessary skills to solve these mathematical puzzles. ‘Extending questions’ encourage students to demonstrate their understanding of its algebraic concept while ‘Further investigations’ offers them the chance to explore the concept and determine if it can be used with other mathematical topics.

Algecadabra has been linked to the patterns in algebra strand of the mathematics curriculum.


Teachers notes include:

  • an overview of the trick with an example and explanation of how it works
  • suggestions to guide the teacher through the process of delivering the trick
  • algebraic analysis to show how the trick works

Student activity page includes:

  • steps of the trick, detailing what must be done to perform it
  • unravelling the trick, showing how algebraic expression can be used to explain how it works
  • extending questions to explore the effect of minor changes to the trick
  • further investigations for students to explore the concept at a deeper level

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