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Australian Curriculum Mathematics mini posters – Year 6 Downloadable

A set of 26 mini posters focusing on the maths strategies, information and concepts as outlined in the Year 6 curriculum.

This pack contains:

  • Operations
  • Order of operations
  • Fraction wall
  • Converting fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Units of measurement
  • Two-dimensional objects – prisms
  • Two-dimensional objects – pyramids
  • Angles
  • Chance words and scale
  • Problem-solving
  • Standard partitioning
  • Non-standard partitioning
  • Multiplication strategy: Using multiples of ten
  • Multiplication strategy: Double numbers
  • Multiplication strategy: Commutative property
  • Multiplication strategy: Double and halve
  • Multiplication strategy: Array model
  • Multiplication strategy: Area model
  • Multiplication strategy: Long multiplication
  • Multiplication strategy: Partitioning
  • Division strategy: Partitioning
  • Division strategy: Double or halve
  • Division strategy: Common zeros
  • Division strategy: Long division
  • Division strategy: Short division

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