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Australia on the map 1606–2006 – Ages 11+ ebook

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Australia’s maritime history

When did the Duyfken set sail? Who was Williem Jansz? What was Abel Tasman’s monumental theory about Australia? Which accidental meeting led to the naming of Encounter Bay, South Australia? All of these questions and many more are answered in Australia on the Map (1606–2006) – an exciting blackline master resource that brings Australia’s maritime history to life!

Follow the British and the French as they race to map the southern coast. Discover the nations who almost colonised Australia and learn more about the nation that succeeded. Consider the colossal changes to lifestyle and culture the original inhabitants of the land faced. Shipwrecks, living conditions on the ships, desolate lands, conflicts and stowaways are just some of the topics the activities cover.


  • high-interest activities to help students gain an appreciation of the early navigators who put Australia on the map
  • French, Dutch and British contributions to the charting of the coastline and naming of places
  • the original inhabitants of the land, Aboriginal migration and disappearance of natural land bridges
  • the Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese connections to Australia
  • activities that develop skills in language and society and environment, covering topics such as the explorers and their ships, life on the ships, shipwrecks, scientific discoveries, conflicts and more
  • dates, time lines, maps, origins of place names and artwork of the ships make a concise package and comprehensive resource
  • teachers notes with background information, curriculum outcome links, additional activities and detailed answers

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