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Understanding Geography – Antarctica – Ages 8–12

Navigate through the fundamentals of geography and discover Earth’s incredible landforms and bodies of water, continents and oceans through fun activities and worksheets. 

Once the basics are mastered, students can delve into even greater geography learning as they journey through Exploring geography, a seven-book series through which they will enjoy discovering and learning about the seven continents of the world.

This amazing series helps students develop a deeper understanding of the people and systems that shape our world—knowledge that is essential in the current global climate.


  • seven sections in each book, including: Location in the world, Political divisions, Physical features, Valuable resources, Culture, Assessment and Note-takers
  • engaging activities, such as word searches, cloze tests, crosswords and ‘true or false’ questions
  • note-taker pages extend each section and promote individual research
  • easy-to-read maps and appealing images
  • multiple-choice assessment pages
  • teacher information at the beginning of each section
  • Australian Curriculum Humanities and Social Sciences – Geography links
  • answers for activities and assessments

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