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The Sea – A cross-curricular theme – Ages 6–8

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Me!, The Sea, Space, Colours and Toys

These resource books provide teachers with a range of high-interest activities to support a thematic approach to learning across all curriculum areas. The range provided allows the teacher to enhance his/her teaching program with activities and lessons designed to inspire students to solve problems, investigate, design and create while reinforcing necessary language skills.

Each activity can be incorporated successfully into whole-class, small-group or individual learning situations, depending on the unique requirements of the class.

  • a complete theme package
  • aimed at 4-7 year old students
  • features activities for colour recognition in early learners.
  • across-the-curriculum activities including English, mathematics, science, health, art and craft and SOSE
  • practical and interesting activities to motivate students
  • wide range of skills developed

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