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Technology – Design, create and evaluate – Ages 5–7

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Design, create and evaluate

Students can work individually, in pairs or in small groups. The blackline masters are ideally suited to encouraging collaborative learning skills.

The activities require access to basic technology tool kits and everyday consumable materials. Some basic building materials will also be required for some activities.


  • these blackline masters are designed to promote an understanding of the technology process, design, create and evaluate
  • innovative projects with teachers notes
  • activities use inexpensive and readily available materials and tools
  • each unit features a consistent layout for students to follow
  • units can be completed individually, in pairs or in small groups
  • activities integrate learning areas and promote creativity
  • activities encourage collaborative learning skills
  • includes evaluation and student self-assessment
  • linked to outcome statements

    Technology and science are closely related. In science we have the students observe the properties of various materials and test them for suitability for a task -e.g. which paper is strongest when damp? Technology then uses these observations to help design a solution to a problem. The problem is presented in a design brief with a clearly stated task, a list of available materials as well as any restrictions/conditions that need to be considered and then the student is asked to think of a design, draw a sketch and then begin to make their design. Any changes are noted and when the object is finished it is assessed against a checklist of criteria. This is the first book in the series (Ages 5-7) which contains 15 design briefs -many of which fit in with an aspect of science e.g. the fishing game that uses a magnet to “catch” the fish. The three page tasks are set out with the first page being the assessment checklist for the teacher, the design brief itself and a self assessment sheet for the student to reflect on the level of success of their efforts and any modifications that need to be made for next time. The design activities in this book include bridge building, floating and sinking activities (making a boat or raft), making a musical instrument (sound), a pet home and many more. It is well produced and ideally suited to the age group 5-7. A valuable resource and I assume that the other two titles would be just as good for their nominated age groups.

    Peter Hope - Science Teachers Of Victoria

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