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STEM projects – Box 3

Download a free sample of STEM projects - Box 3 here

Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, the revised STEM projects - Foundation box incorporates the essential areas of learner diversity and assessment and builds transferable problem solving and innovative thinking skills for engagement with the everyday world.

The STEM projects series provides opportunities for students to develop Science knowledge and skills, Design and technology skills, Mathematics skills and general capabilities while completing short or long-term projects. It encourages learners to follow a consistent design process while completing the projects, including finding out information, planning and designing, creating, evaluating, and communicating.

The projects allow students to work in small teams, using effective communication and collaboration skills, to plan, design, create and evaluate a thoughtful and innovative solution to a given task. When satisfied with their solutions, students showcase and discuss their design, explaining how science was used throughout the project.

This revamped series incorporates the essential areas of learner diversity and assessment. There are now Assessment cards located at the front of each sub-strand (Biological, Chemical, Earth and space, Physical) section.

Each project card (regardless of year level) contains:

  • a task that focuses on a realistic problem,
  • criteria to meet for a successful solution to the task,
  • a list of suggested materials needed for the task,
  • written design process steps to guide the design process,
  • design process icons as visual aids to guide students in the design process, and
  • an illustration to engage and provide inspiration to students.


The STEM projects - Box 3 contains:

  • two introductory cards explaining STEM education; time allocations for using the cards; tips for planning, differentiating, teaching, and assessing STEM projects; as well as classroom management and resource management ideas
  • one card with icons explaining each step of the design process, in child-friendly language
  • one card for each Science sub-strand, which contains: a simplified explanation of the sub-strand with reference to the skills learners will be applying and learning, which includes links to Design and technology, Digital technology and Mathematics skills; and an overview of each project contained within the sub-strand, including the task and the specific materials required
  • one Assessment card for each Science sub-strand. This lists a suggested quick formative assessment for each project and also describes the included summative assessment from the final step of the design process.
  • one Diversity card for each Science sub-strand. This lists ponder points for each project which address how changes could be made to either the content, process, product or environment.
  • six short-term projects and one long-term project for each sub-strand of Australian Curriculum: Science.
  • six copies of each project card to allow for small-group use. The boxes for older learners (Box 3-6) contain four sub-strands, meaning there are 28 individual project cards in Box 3-6.

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