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Sequencing Visual Texts Book 1 – Ages 4–7 ebook

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Sequencing visual texts Ages 4-7 is a series of three teacher resource books to support the teaching and learning of sequencing in early childhood classes. The series supports students struggling with written texts and those who need to develop oral communication skills.The series provides background information, suggestions for additional activities, and pictorial and text resources.  The activities listed in Book 1 include Animals, plants, weather, daily activities, celebrations, people, seasons, eating and drinking, playing, making and doing, community and nursery rhymes. 


  • background information
  • suggestions for use
  • suggested additional activities
  • pictorial resources
  • optional print resources to match all visual texts
  • Australian Curriculum English and Early Years learning Framework links


**This ebook is not transferable, nor can it be on-sold or uploaded to an intranet site. For full copyright details, please see the Copyright Notice outlined in the ebook or refer to the Copyright Agency Limited www.copyright.com.au

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