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Reading with Phonics – Phonics in context Book 1 – Ages 5–7

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Phonics in context

Reading with Phonics is a teacher resource series designed to reinforce students’ phonemic awareness. The books present a focus sound(s) in the context of a narrative, rather than in isolation, allowing students to practise identifying and using the sound(s) while reading and comprehending.

The phonic sounds are presented individually in the first two books of the series. In the third book, sound families (such as a-e, ay, ai) are treated together.

The texts and worksheets display varying degrees of difficulty, allowing teachers to provide students of differing abilities opportunities to read texts and engage in worksheets at their different developmental levels.

  • worksheets to consolidate the learning of phonic sounds
  • written for lower primary students or students requiring remedial phonics instruction
  • worksheets develop comprehension, sequencing, rhyme, grammar and sentence structure
  • different levels of difficulty indicated on worksheets
  • easy-to-follow format
  • curriculum linked

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