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Read, respond, reflect – Nonfictoin comprehension skill boosters – Ages 9–11

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Understanding and retaining what was read

This series of is especially designed to quickly improve your students’ abilities to understand and retain what they read. Featuring high-interest nonfiction topics written in carefully constructed sentences, each activity includes a comprehension text and a series of questions. The organisation of the worksheets provides progressively challenging activities ranging from simple recall to evaluations requiring higher-order thinking skills.

  • consistent review and reinforcement of fundamental comprehension skills
  • questions that cover a range of skills including predicting outcomes, recalling details, identifying author’s purpose, paraphrasing and drawing conclusions
  • answers provided
  • thirty-nine dynamic reproducible lessons in each book
  • end-of-book tests provide easy assessment
  • intriguing reading selections appeal to students of all ages and structured writing assists struggling students

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