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Primary Society and Environment Book D – Ages 8–9

This teacher resource uses five familiar units to provide a complete society and environment program for a full year of work. The units focus primarily on Australian themes relating to the local community and environment and Australia’s place in the world.


Units in Book D:
  • Community studies
  • Australia's neighbours
  • Working together
  • Exploration and discovery
  • Saving Australia's natural heritage


Each unit begins with a cover page which provides teachers with the following information:

  • an overview of what students will be learning in the unit
  • a list of contents, including the topics, individual student activities, student and unit evaluations
  • comprehensive teachers notes pages
  • indicators for each unit
  • a list of skills utilised throughout each unit
  • background information for the teacher on areas which may appeal to students, cause misunderstanding or be needed to answer student questions
  • comprehensive lesson notes to accompany each unit,other key learning areas.
  • clear and concise answers for each activity
  • student assessment to show understanding of the unit, to allow student feedback and to provide clear reporting to parents
  • unit evaluation to indicate areas for student development and demonstration of skills used throughout each unit
  • comprehensive teachers notes pages at the front of the book

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