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My Big Book of Initial Sounds – Ages 5–7

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Visual and auditory discrimination, letter formation. This teacher resource book series has been developed with the understanding that graphophonics is an integral part of the reading, spelling and writing process. The order in which the initial sounds appear in this package is based on the frequency of use in spoken and written language.

To prevent confusion, the order also provides intervals between activities with similar phonemes (e.g. m, n) and graphemes (e.g. b, d) and between short vowel activities (a, e, i, o and u).

  • the order in which the initial sounds appear is based on the frequency of use of each in spoken and written language
  • the activities reinforce letter – sound associations through inbuilt revision
  • left page orientation, left-to-right, top-to-bottom orientation and letter – sound matching;
  • visual and auditory discrimination, letter formations – directions and dimensions; and
  • understanding of the concepts – picture, letter, sound, word, sentence and match, same, different and missing.

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