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How To Use A Calculator – Ages 9–12

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Calculators are a part of everyday life for adults and children. They allow children to tackle problems without the need to worry about the obstacles of number work. This means that difficult concepts can be understood because the ‘number crunching’ that is normally involved is done by the calculator. An example of this is the concept of pi. This concept can be easily arrived at by the children doing the measuring and letting the calculator do the ‘number crunching’.

The book is divided into three distinct sections:

  • Self-instructional Manual
  • Practice
  • Problem Solving

Self-instructional Manual

This section is a step-by-step guide for children showing them how to use all the operations and functions of a calculator.


For every page in the self-instructional manual section, there is a corresponding practice page of activities that reinforces the skills and concepts learnt.

Problem Solving

This is the last section in the book and should not be tackled until the child has worked through the earlier sections. The activities in this section are again there to reinforce the skills and concepts already learnt but they do this using a problem-solving approach.

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