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Higher-order thinking skills Book 6 — Ages 11+

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Interested in a free sample of Higher-order thinking skills Year 6? Higher-order thinking skills Year 6 focuses on the critical and creative thinking skills that students need in their daily life. The language and skills taught are perfect for students age 11+. The unique activities stimulate students and promote them to 'think outside the box'. In the fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in, never has there been a more important time to develop critical thinking skills—but how do you fit this into an already-packed schedule? R.I.C. Publications has the answer with our latest release, Higher-order thinking skills. Through a range of engaging and challenging activities designed to test and strengthen problem-solving skills, this series helps students make deeper connections by integrating their learning across key curriculum areas.

Click here to download a free sample.

  • Activities that build and grow students’ problem-solving skills through engaging logic puzzles, brainteasers and more.
  • Each activity focuses on a behavioural verb such as analyse, predict or design, and integrates into a different curriculum area.
  • A mixture of short early-finisher activities, and more involved tasks.
  • Students gain meaningful practice that they can apply across subject areas and in life.

    Tried out the sample with my gifted and talented kids and they loved it. In particular, they loved 'The Phoenician alphabet' activity. I will definitely buy this book once it has been released.

    Leanne Dimitri

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