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I feel the Earth move - lesson 4

Science: A STEM Approach overview: Prepare your students for the roles of the future! Minds will be challenged and imaginations unleashed as students develop skills such as innovation, creativity, reasoning and problem-solving; and technical science skills such as questioning, observing, systematic experimentation, and analysis and interpretation of data.

This file contains student pages from Science: A STEM Approach — Year 3. Each of the worksheets are formatted as editable PDFs and prepared in small file sizes—easy to send and receive, no need for printing or scanning. 

Australian Curriculum links:

  • Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes, including night and day (ACSSU048


Original title: Science: A STEM Approach

Year level: Year 3

Unit theme: Earth and space sciences

Lesson title: I feel the Earth move - lesson 4

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Science: A STEM Approach - Year 3 - editable student pages